Amul Franchise – Is an Amul Franchise100% Worth or Not?

Amul Franchise is a popular business model that provides entrepreneurs with the chance to join one of India’s largest dairy cooperatives. Amul Franchise is an attractive investment opportunity for investors seeking to enter the dairy industry due to its track record of success and strong brand recognition. Here is a comprehensive explanation of what Amul Franchise is and why it merits consideration.


Amul Franchise is a subsidiary of one of India’s largest milk processing corporations, Amul Dairy. Since its founding in 1946, the company has developed to become an industry leader in the dairy sector. Amul Franchise is an extension of the primary company that allows franchisees to establish their own outlets and distribute Amul products to consumers.

What is the Amul Franchise?

Amul Franchise is a business model administered by Amul Dairy’s parent company, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF). It allows individuals to establish their own locations and sell Amul products such as milk, cheese, butter, and ice cream. In exchange for adhering to the company’s rules and regulations, franchisees gain access to a well-established brand and a tried-and-true business model developed over many years.

Why is the Amul Franchise worth considering?

The Amul Franchise merits consideration for a variety of factors. It provides the opportunity to be a part of a well-known brand with a significant market presence. This indicates that franchisees can utilize brand recognition to attract consumers and increase sales.

Second, Amul Franchise has modest investment requirements, making it accessible to individuals with limited financial resources. Finally, Amul Franchise provides its licensees with extensive training and support, ensuring that they have all the resources necessary for success.

Market potential of Amul Franchise

Given that India is the world’s largest milk producer, the market potential for Amul Franchise is vast. With a population of over 1,300 million, milk and dairy products are in high demand in the country. The Amul Franchise has a robust distribution network, and its products are sold in over 40,000 retail locations throughout India. This indicates that franchisees have access to a large customer base and can capitalize on the brand’s existing customer loyalty to increase their sales.

Understanding Amul Franchise

Amul Franchise

What is the business model of Amul Franchise?

The Amul Franchise business model is uncomplicated. The franchisee establishes a retail location and sells Amul products to consumers. They are required to adhere to the company’s rules and regulations, which ensure that the quality and standards of the brand are maintained. In exchange, they are granted access to a variety of products, marketing assistance, and training.

How does Amul Franchise work?

Amul Franchise operates by granting franchisees access to a variety of products that can be sold through their outlets. The franchisee pays the company an initial fee and an ongoing royalty in exchange for the right to use the brand name and sell the company’s products. They must comply with the company’s rules and regulations, which include quality control, hygiene standards, and marketing guidelines.

What are the rules and regulations for opening an Amul Franchise?

To establish an Amul Franchise, the franchisee must adhere to the company’s rules and regulations. These include adhering to quality control standards, hygiene standards, and marketing regulations. The franchisee must also pay the company an initial fee and an ongoing royalty.

Amul Franchise Investment and Cost / Price

Amul Franchise

How much does it cost to open an Amul Franchise?

The Amul franchise fee varies based on the form of business you wish to open. The fee for a preferred outlet franchise is Rs. 25,000. The fee for an ice cream parlour franchise is Rs. 50,000. In addition to the franchise fee, you will also need to pay for the rent, renovation, equipment, and inventory necessary to set up your store. The total cost of establishing an Amul franchise can range between Rs. 1.5 lakhs and Rs.

Here is a breakdown of the expenses associated with establishing an Amul franchise:

  • The franchise fee is Rs. 25,000 (preferred outlet) or Rs. 50,000 (ice cream parlor).
  • Varying according to location
  • Renovation: Approximately 100,000 rupees
  • Equipment: Rs. 70,000 (approx.)
  • Inventory: Approximately Rs 50,000
  • Total cost: Rs. 1.5 lakhs – Rs. 6 lakhs (approx.)

After opening your store, you will incur ongoing expenses such as rent, utilities, employee remuneration, and marketing.

What is the profit potential for a Amul Franchise?

The profit potential of a franchise with Amul is favorable. The average profit margin for an Amul franchise ranges between 20 and 50%. This means that for every 100 rupees you sell, you can anticipate a profit of 20 to 50 rupees.

The exact amount of profit you make will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The location of your franchise is crucial.
  • How large your franchise is.
  • The quantity of revenue you produce.
  • Your operational expenses

If you can locate a decent location for your franchise and generate a large volume of sales, you can anticipate a healthy profit.

Here are some examples of the profit potential for different types of Amul franchises:

Amul preferred outlet franchise: This type of franchise typically generates sales of Rs. 5 lakhs – Rs. 10 lakhs per month. The profit margin for this type of franchise is around 20-30%. This means that you can expect to make a profit of Rs. 1 lakh – Rs. 3 lakhs per month.

Amul ice-cream scooping parlour franchise:This type of franchise typically generates sales of Rs. 2 lakhs – Rs. 5 lakhs per month. The profit margin for this type of franchise is around 40-50%. This means that you can expect to make a profit of Rs. 80,000 – Rs. 2.5 lakhs per month.

Clearly, the profit potential of an Amul franchise is favorable. If you can locate a decent location and generate a large number of sales, you can anticipate a healthy profit.

Support and Training

Amul Franchise

What kind of support will Amul provide?

Amul offers its franchisees extensive support, including marketing assistance, training, and advertising. Additionally, franchisees receive ongoing support in the form of regular visits, product updates, and other resources to help them expand their businesses.

What kind of training will be provided for Amul Franchise owners?

Amul provides franchisees with exhaustive training in all facets of the business, including product knowledge, marketing, inventory administration, and customer service. The company also offers ongoing support and training to help franchisees remain abreast of the most recent industry trends and developments.

What are the benefits of being associated with the Amul brand?

Being affiliated with the Amul brand has numerous advantages, including access to a well-established brand with a strong market presence. In addition to products, marketing assistance, and training, franchisees receive ongoing support from the company.

Marketing Strategy

Amul Franchise

How does Amul Franchise market its products and services?

Amul Franchise promotes its products and services through a variety of marketing strategies, including advertising, promotions, and social media. The company also provides franchisees with marketing support, including promotional materials, training, and advice on how to effectively market their products.

What kind of promotional activities are conducted by the Amul Franchise?

Amul Franchise engages in a variety of advertising campaigns to increase sales and attract consumers. These consist of discounts, special offers, and other promotions intended to encourage consumers to purchase additional products.

How does Amul Franchise penetrate the market and expand its customer base?

The Amul Franchise has a robust distribution network, and its products are sold in over 40,000 retail locations throughout India. Additionally, the company invests in advertising and promotions to expand brand recognition and attract new consumers. Franchisees can expand their consumer base and boost their sales by capitalizing on the brand’s strong market presence.

Steps to Open a Amul Franchise

Amul Franchise

1 Do your research – Before applying for an Amul franchise, it is essential to conduct investigation into the requirements and potential benefits of franchise ownership. More information is available on the Amul website.

2. Meet the criteria for eligibility – To qualify for an Amul franchise, you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Be an Indian citizen
  • Have at least Rs. 2,50,000 in investment capital
  • Have an appropriate location for your store.
  • Have at least two years of retail or culinary service experience
  • Be willing to adhere to Amul’s policies and procedures.

3. Submit a submission – After meeting the eligibility requirements, you may submit an application to Amul. The application form is available on the Amul website.

4. Be interviewed – If your application is accepted, Amul representatives will conduct an interview with you. The interview will determine whether you qualify for a franchise.

5. Sign a franchise agreement – If the examination is fruitful, you will be required to sign a franchise agreement. The franchise agreement will detail the franchise’s terms and conditions.

6. Get Trained – After signing the franchise agreement, you will be required to participate in training. You will learn about Amul’s products, standards, and procedures during the training.

7. Open your outlet – After completing your training, you may establish your Amul store. You will receive assistance from Amul, including marketing and supply chain management.

The documentation required to establish an Amul franchise varies by franchise classification. Nonetheless, the following documents are required for all Amul franchises:

  • Aadhaar card
  • PAN card
  • Bank account details
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of business experience
  • Franchise agreement

You may also be required to provide a security deposit and/or a royalty fee in addition to these documents. Depending on the form of franchise you’re interested in, the quantity of the security deposit and/or royalty charge will vary.

Amul will evaluate your application and determine if you are eligible to establish a franchise once you have submitted all of the necessary materials. Upon approval of your application, you will be required to complete a training program. After completion of the training program, you will be prepared to launch your Amul franchise.

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Challenges and Risks

Amul Franchise

What are the common challenges faced by Amul Franchise owners?

Common obstacles for Amul Franchise proprietors include sustaining quality control standards, adhering to hygiene standards, and effectively managing inventory. Franchisees must also provide superior customer service in order to retain customers and cultivate brand loyalty.

What are the risks involved in opening an Amul Franchise?

As with any business endeavor, establishing an Amul Franchise involves risks, such as market fluctuations, competition, and alterations in consumer preferences. Franchisees must be able to adapt to fluctuating market conditions and consistently innovate in order to remain competitive.

How does Amul Franchise manage the risk associated with the business?

Amul Franchise mitigates the business risk by providing its franchisees with extensive training and support. Additionally, the company invests in research and development to remain abreast of the latest industry trends and innovations, ensuring that its licensees are always ahead of the curve.

Benefits of owning a Amul Franchise:

Amul Franchise

There are several benefits to being an Amul franchise owner. Here are a few of the most prominent:

  • Strong brand recognition: Amul is a well-known and respected brand in India, with devoted customers. This provides licensees with a significant advantage over businesses with inferior brand recognition.
  • Wide product range: Amul offers an extensive variety of dairy products, including milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream, among others. This allows franchisees to sell a diversity of products and appeal to a greater number of customers.
  • Good profit margins: Although Amul’s products are priced competitively, they still have strong profit margins. This indicates that franchisees can earn a substantial profit from their business.
  • Modest startup costs: The Amul franchise has relatively modest startup costs. This makes it an attractive option for entrepreneurs with limited resources.
  • Support from Amul: Amul provides extensive support to franchisees, including training, marketing assistance, and access to suppliers. This assistance can facilitate the success of licensees’ businesses.

Overall, possessing an Amul franchise can be extremely lucrative. The advantages of franchise ownership include:

  • A proven business model: Amul has been in business for over seven decades and has a proven business model. This means that licensees can invest with confidence in a successful business.
  • Access to Amul’s supply chain: Amul’s supply chain is extensive and efficient. This means that licensees can obtain the necessary products when they are needed.
  • Training and support: Amul provides training and assistance to franchisees. This aids licensees in launching their businesses and achieving long-term success.

If you are contemplating launching a business, an Amul franchise may be a viable option.

Pros and Cons of a Amul franchise:

Amul Franchise


  • Gaining access to a well-known brand
  • Low investment requirement
  • Provide extensive training and support
  • Possibility of substantial profit margins


  • Recurring royalty payments
  • Comparatively limited product selection to other franchise opportunities


Amul Franchise is an attractive business opportunity for those seeking to enter the dairy industry. With its strong brand recognition, low investment requirement, and extensive training and support, it equips franchisees with all the resources necessary for success. Potential franchisees can make an informed decision about whether Amul Franchise is the best option for them by thoroughly considering the factors enumerated in this article.

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