How to Start Goli Vada Pav Franchise | Cost, Fees, and Profit Margin


India’s street food culture is renowned across the globe, offering a wide array of delectable treats to tantalize one’s taste buds. Amongst these culinary delights, Goli Vada Pav stands out as an iconic and beloved staple. With its lip-smacking vada pav, Goli Vada Pav has gained immense popularity and has become synonymous with the Indian street food experience. In this article, we will delve into the world of Goli Vada Pav franchise and explore the cost, fees, and profit margin associated with starting and running one.

Business Model of Goli Vada Pav Franchise

Goli Vada Pav follows a successful franchise model that has attracted numerous aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to delve into the world of street food. As a franchisee, you would have the opportunity to join hands with a reputable brand and capitalize on its widespread recognition. Goli Vada Pav offers a diverse menu, focusing primarily on their signature vada pav but also incorporating other appetizing options. This allows franchisees to cater to a broader customer base and enhance profitability.

Unique Offerings

Goli Vada Pav distinguishes itself by providing a wide range of mouthwatering vada pav variations, crafted using high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes. Their innovative fusion creations and diverse menu options set them apart from other players in the market. With an emphasis on taste, affordability, and hygiene, Goli Vada Pav has successfully captivated the cravings of customers from all walks of life.

How to apply/ Step by step application process

Applying for a Goli Vada Pav franchise is a straightforward and streamlined process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you kickstart your exciting entrepreneurial journey:

Step 1: Research and Evaluation – Conduct thorough research to familiarize yourself with Goli Vada Pav’s franchise model, operations, and requirements. Evaluate whether this opportunity aligns with your vision, resources, and goals.

Step 2: Connect with Goli Vada Pav – Reach out to the company through their official website or contact details provided. Express your interest in becoming a franchisee and inquire about the availability of franchise opportunities in your desired location.

Step 3: Initial Meeting and Documentation – Once your inquiry is received, Goli Vada Pav will schedule an initial meeting to discuss the franchise terms, conditions, and documentation. This includes understanding the franchise agreement, financial obligations, and other prerequisites.

Step 4: Location Selection – Select a suitable location for your Goli Vada Pav franchise. This should align with the brand’s target audience and adhere to their location guidelines. The company may provide support and guidance in this crucial decision-making process.

Step 5: Training and Support – Goli Vada Pav offers comprehensive training programs to equip franchisees with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully operate their franchise. Avail yourself of this invaluable training and leverage the ongoing support provided by the company to ensure smooth operations and consistent quality.

Step 6: Launch and Promotion – With everything in place, launch your Goli Vada Pav franchise and embark on an exciting culinary journey. Utilize various marketing and promotional strategies, both offline and online, to create awareness and attract customers to your outlet.

Cost and Fees

Before diving into any business venture, it is essential to understand the financial aspects involved. Let’s delve into the cost and fees breakdown associated with starting a Goli Vada Pav franchise:

Franchise Fee – To acquire a Goli Vada Pav franchise, you will be required to pay a franchise fee, which grants you the right to operate under their brand name. This fee varies and is influenced by factors such as location, brand popularity, and market demand.

Setup and Infrastructure Costs – Setting up a Goli Vada Pav franchise outlet requires investment in infrastructure, equipment, interior decor, and branding. The total cost would depend on various factors, including the size of the outlet, location, and customization requirements.

Operational Costs – Running a successful franchise entails ongoing operational expenses, including rent, utilities, salaries, inventory, marketing, and maintenance. These costs should be carefully budgeted to ensure smooth operations and sustained profitability.

Investment Component Estimated Cost (INR)
Franchise fee 4-5 lakhs
Infrastructure investment 3-4 lakhs
Inventory 1-2 lakhs
Staff salaries 1 lakh per year
Insurance, utilities, and other overhead expenses 1 lakh per year
Total cost 12-13 lakhs
Area Requirement 350 Sq ft

Profit Margin

While the profit margin can vary based on factors like location, operational efficiency, and market conditions, a Goli Vada Pav franchise offers the potential for a healthy return on investment. With its popularity and loyal customer base, coupled with efficient management practices, franchisees can achieve a desirable profit margin over time. However, the average profit margin for a Goli Vada Pav franchise is around 20-25%.

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Pros and Cons

Consider the following pros and cons before diving into a Goli Vada Pav franchise:


  • Established brand reputation
  • High demand for street food and vada pav
  • Training and support from the franchise company
  • Marketing and promotional assistance
  • Potential for growth and expansion
  • Leveraging tested business processes


  • Initial investment and operational costs
  • Operational challenges in a competitive market
  • Requirement of continuous quality control and adherence to brand standards
  • Employee management and training


Embarking on a Goli Vada Pav franchise journey can be an exciting and rewarding experience for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to capitalize on India’s rich street food culture. With its unique offerings, successful business model, and potential for profitability, a Goli Vada Pav franchise presents an attractive opportunity for those passionate about the culinary arts. Remember to thoroughly research and evaluate the specific terms, costs, and requirements before making an informed decision.


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