How to Start Jawed Habib Franchise | Cost, Fees, and 25% Profit Margin


In the ever-evolving beauty and grooming industry, Jawed Habib emerges as a leading name, synonymous with excellence and innovation. Established in 2003, Jawed Habib franchise has grown into a well-respected brand across India, transforming the way people experience salon services. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, interested in joining the franchise industry, this article will guide you through the process of starting a Jawed Habib franchise in India, providing essential insights into the cost, fees, and profit margins associated with this venture.

Business Model of Jawed Habib Franchise

Jawed Habib franchise operates under a robust and well-structured business model that focuses on delivering exceptional salon services, backed by expertise and customer satisfaction. With a strong emphasis on training and development, the franchise ensures that all staff members are highly skilled and up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. This commitment to quality has allowed Jawed Habib to establish a distinguished reputation and a loyal customer base.

As a franchisee, you will have access to the extensive support system provided by Jawed Habib, including marketing strategies, operational guidance, and branding assistance. This comprehensive support network ensures that franchisees are equipped with the necessary tools to thrive in their respective locations, creating a win-win situation for both the brand and the franchise partners.

How to apply/Step by step application process

Applying for a Jawed Habib franchise in India follows a step-by-step process that ensures transparency and a smooth transition into the franchise system. Here is a breakdown of the application process:

Research: Begin by conducting thorough research on Jawed Habib, its values, and the market potential in your desired location. Gain insights into the demand for salon services and the competition in the area.

Contact Jawed Habib: Reach out to the franchise team at Jawed Habib through their official website or contact details provided. Express your interest in becoming a franchisee and request further information regarding the application process.

Background Check and Evaluation: Jawed Habib franchise team will conduct a background check on your financial stability, business experience, and overall suitability for the franchise opportunity. This process ensures that potential franchisees align with the brand’s values and have the necessary resources to successfully run a franchise.

Initial Meeting: If you meet the initial criteria, you will be invited to an introductory meeting with the franchise team. This meeting will provide an opportunity for both parties to discuss expectations, clarifications, and potential locations for the franchise.

Location Selection: Once you are approved as a franchisee, the franchise team will assist you in selecting an appropriate location for your Jawed Habib salon. Factors such as footfall, visibility, and accessibility will be taken into consideration to maximize the chances of success.

Training and Support: As a franchisee, you will undergo comprehensive training provided by Jawed Habib’s experts. This training covers areas such as salon management, customer service, marketing strategies, and technical skills, ensuring that you are well-prepared to operate a successful Jawed Habib franchise.

Set-Up and Launch: With the guidance and support of the franchise team, you will proceed to set up your salon as per the brand’s guidelines. Upon completion, a grand opening will be organized to attract customers and create a buzz in the local market.

Cost and Fees

To start a Jawed Habib franchise in India, certain costs and fees are involved. Here is a breakdown of the financial aspects:

Franchise Fee: The initial franchise fee for a Jawed Habib franchise is INR 12 lakhs. This fee grants you the right to operate under the Jawed Habib brand and access their established systems, processes, and support.

Interior Set-Up Cost: The cost of setting up the salon’s interior may vary depending on factors such as the size of the space, location, and design preferences. On average, this cost can range from INR 6 lakhs to INR 8 lakhs. It includes expenses related to salon furnishings, equipment, decor, and branding.

Operational Costs: Apart from the initial setup, you should allocate funds for ongoing operational expenses such as staff salaries, utilities, maintenance, inventory, and marketing efforts. These costs will vary depending on the size of the salon, the number of staff members, and the location.

Royalty and Marketing Fees: As a franchisee, you will be required to pay a monthly royalty fee of 10% on gross sales, excluding taxes. In addition, a marketing fee of 2% on gross sales, excluding taxes, will contribute to regional and national marketing campaigns.

It is important to carefully analyze these costs and ensure that you have adequate financial resources to support your franchise venture.

Item Cost
Franchise fee Rs. 12 lakhs
Interior set-up cost Rs. 6-8 lakhs
Operational expenses Rs. 2-3 lakhs
Royalty fee 15% of net revenue
Area requirement 600 -1000 square feet
Total investment Rs. 22-25 lakhs

Profit Margin

The profitability of a Jawed Habib franchise largely depends on various factors such as location, competition, market demand, and effective management. The profit margin for a Jawed Habib franchise is estimated to be around 20-25%, owning a Jawed Habib franchise holds significant potential for financial success.

A well-established brand like Jawed Habib enjoys a strong customer base and brand recognition, providing franchisees with a competitive advantage. By delivering exceptional services and innovative grooming solutions, you can attract and retain a loyal customer base, which is essential for long-term profitability.

It is advisable to conduct a detailed financial analysis, considering factors such as revenue projections, operational costs, and market dynamics to assess the potential profit margin for your specific location.

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Pros and Cons

Like any business venture, owning a Jawed Habib franchise has its own set of advantages and challenges. Let’s explore some of the pros and cons:


  • Established Brand: Joining a well-established brand like Jawed Habib gives you access to a loyal customer base and established systems, reducing the risks associated with starting a new business from scratch.
  • Training and Support: Jawed Habib offers comprehensive training programs and ongoing support to ensure that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to operate a successful franchise. This support network can prove invaluable, especially for individuals new to the industry.
  • Marketing and Branding: As a franchisee, you can benefit from Jawed Habib’s marketing and branding efforts, which include national and regional campaigns. This exposure can help generate awareness and attract customers to your salon.
  • Diversified Services: Jawed Habib franchise offers a wide range of services, including haircuts, hairstyling, coloring, spa treatments, grooming services, and more. This diversity allows you to cater to a broader customer base and increase revenue potential.


  • Initial Investment: Starting any franchise requires a significant initial investment, and the Jawed Habib franchise is no exception. It is crucial to carefully evaluate your financial capabilities before committing to this venture.
  • Operational Challenges: Running a salon business comes with its own set of operational challenges, such as hiring and retaining skilled staff, managing inventory, maintaining quality standards, and adapting to changing trends. Proper management and proactive measures are essential to address these challenges effectively.
  • Market Competition: The beauty and grooming industry is highly competitive, with numerous salons and spas operating in various locations. It is essential to conduct thorough market research and develop unique selling propositions to differentiate your salon and attract customers.


Starting a Jawed Habib franchise in India can be a promising opportunity for individuals interested in the beauty and grooming sector. By leveraging the brand’s established reputation, comprehensive support system, and training programs, franchisees can position themselves for success in their respective markets. However, it is vital to carefully consider the associated costs, analyze the potential profit margin, and evaluate the pros and cons before making a final decision. A thorough understanding of the Jawed Habib franchise model and its market dynamics is crucial for the long-term sustainability and profitability of your franchise venture.


How long does it take to complete the application and approval process for a Jawed Habib franchise?

The application and approval process may vary depending on various factors. On average, it may take around 4-6 weeks to complete the necessary steps, including background checks, initial meetings, and location selection.

Can I open a Jawed Habib franchise in a semi-urban or rural area?

Yes, Jawed Habib franchises can be established in various locations, including semi-urban and rural areas. However, it is essential to assess the market potential and demand for salon services in the specific area before finalizing the location.

Do I need previous experience in the beauty or salon industry to open a Jawed Habib franchise?

Although previous experience in the industry can be advantageous, it is not a mandatory requirement to open a Jawed Habib franchise. The brand's comprehensive training programs are designed to equip franchisees with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate a successful salon.

Is financing available for opening a Jawed Habib franchise?

Jawed Habib does not offer direct financing options for opening a franchise. However, they may provide guidance on potential sources of funding and assist you in preparing a solid business plan to approach financial institutions for loans, if required.

Can I own multiple Jawed Habib franchises in different locations?

Yes, subject to approval and availability, franchisees can expand their operations by owning multiple Jawed Habib franchises in different locations. It is important to establish a strong foundation and ensure effective management before considering such expansion opportunities.

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