How to Start Polar Bear Franchise | Cost, Fees, and 25% Profit Margin


Polar Bear, a renowned ice cream chain, presents an exciting opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to venture into the world of franchising. This article delves into the intricacies of starting a Polar Bear franchise in India, providing a comprehensive guide on the cost, fees, and profit margin associated with this lucrative business opportunity.

Business Model of Polar Bear Franchise

The Polar Bear franchise operates under the well-established business model of serving delectable ice cream and desserts. By joining the Polar Bear family, franchisees gain access to a well-recognized brand and a proven track record of success. The franchise offers a diverse menu of premium quality ice creams, sundaes, milkshakes, and other enticing treats, ensuring a delightful experience for customers.

Benefits of Owning a Polar Bear Franchise

  • Established brand presence: Polar Bear has a strong reputation and a loyal customer base, making it easier for franchisees to attract customers.
  • Comprehensive support system: Franchisees receive extensive training, ongoing operational support, and assistance in site selection and marketing strategies.
  • Diverse product range: From traditional favorites to innovative flavors, Polar Bear offers a wide variety of ice cream options, catering to diverse customer preferences.
  • Streamlined operations: The franchise provides standardized recipes and operations manuals, ensuring consistent quality across all outlets.
  • Continuous innovation: Polar Bear consistently introduces new flavors and unique dessert creations, keeping customers enticed and engaged.

How to Apply/Step by Step Application Process

Starting a Polar Bear franchise in India involves a simple yet meticulous application process. Follow these steps to kickstart your journey:

Research and Familiarize Yourself: Conduct thorough research on Polar Bear and its franchise operations. Familiarize yourself with the brand ethos, target audience, and operational requirements.

Reach Out to the Franchise Department: Contact the Polar Bear franchise department through their official website or directly via email or phone. Express your interest in joining the franchise and request an application form.

Complete the Application Form: Fill out the franchise application form with accurate and detailed information. Highlight any relevant experience in the foodservice industry or franchising, if applicable.

Submission and Review: Submit the completed application form along with any additional required documents, such as proof of financial stability or business plan. The Polar Bear franchise team will review your application and assess your suitability as a potential franchisee.

Franchise Agreement and Legalities: Upon acceptance of your application, you will receive the franchise agreement, which outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership. Carefully review the agreement, seek legal advice if needed, and sign it once you agree to the terms.

Build and Set Up Your Outlet: After securing the franchise agreement, follow the guidelines provided by Polar Bear to set up your outlet. Find a suitable location, procure necessary equipment, and ensure adherence to the franchise’s design and branding standards.

Training and Support: Polar Bear will provide comprehensive training to acquaint you with the brand, its operations, and quality standards. Additionally, ongoing support and guidance will be available from the franchisor throughout the operation of your outlet.

Cost and Fees

Starting a Polar Bear franchise involves certain initial costs and fees. Here is a breakdown to help you plan your investment:

Franchise Fee – The initial franchise fee for a Polar Bear franchise is INR 5 lakhs. This fee grants you the right to operate under the Polar Bear brand and benefit from their established business model and support system.

Outlet Setup Costs – The costs associated with setting up a Polar Bear outlet may vary depending on various factors such as location, size, and required renovations. On average, the setup costs range between INR 15 lakhs to INR 25 lakhs. This includes expenses related to interior design, decor, equipment, and initial inventory.

Working Capital – It is essential to allocate sufficient working capital to cover day-to-day expenses until your outlet becomes profitable. The recommended amount for working capital is approximately INR 10 lakhs.

Royalty and Advertising Fees – Franchisees are required to pay a royalty fee of 7-8% on net sales, which goes towards using the Polar Bear brand name, ongoing support, and access to new product developments. Additionally, a modest advertising fee of 2% on net sales contributes to national and regional marketing efforts.

Profit Margin

One of the attractive aspects of owning a Polar Bear franchise is the potential for a healthy profit margin. On average, franchisees can expect a profit margin of around 25%, after deducting all relevant expenses. However, the actual profit margin may vary based on factors such as location, footfall, and operational efficiency.

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Pros and Cons


  • Established brand recognition and customer loyalty.
  • Comprehensive training and ongoing support from Polar Bear.
  • Diversified menu catering to various customer preferences.
  • Continuous innovation in flavors and dessert offerings.
  • Streamlined operational processes for consistent quality.


  • Initial investment and setup costs can be substantial.
  • Adherence to franchise guidelines and standards.
  • Royalty and advertising fees reduce net profits.
  • Competition from local and international ice cream chains.


Starting a Polar Bear franchise in India presents a lucrative opportunity for passionate entrepreneurs in the foodservice industry. With a well-established brand, comprehensive support, and a diverse menu, Polar Bear offers a solid foundation for success. However, it is essential to carefully consider the initial costs, ongoing fees, and potential challenges before embarking on this entrepreneurial journey.


Are there any minimum requirements for becoming a Polar Bear franchisee?

While there are no specific minimum requirements mentioned, Polar Bear looks for individuals with a strong entrepreneurial drive, sound financial stability, and a passion for the foodservice industry.

Can I choose my own location for the Polar Bear outlet?

Yes, franchisees have the freedom to choose a location for their Polar Bear outlet; however, it should meet the approval of the franchisor and adhere to their guidelines and criteria.

What kind of training and support can I expect as a Polar Bear franchisee?

Polar Bear provides extensive training to familiarize franchisees with the brand, operational processes, and quality standards. Ongoing support in marketing, operations, and product development is also offered to ensure the success of each franchisee.

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