Diwali Business Idea

Diwali festival not only celebrated in India but also in many foreign countries. And here we can establish our business to make huge profit with it.

Water Diya For Diwali

Water Diya is innovative lamps designed for Diwali and other festivities. They use LED lights and water sensors to mimic the look of traditional oil lamps while being eco-friendly. 

In just 3 Steps you can make 10k INR in a day

Step 1 - Find manufacturer Step 2 - Platform to sell Step 3 - Promotion

Step 1 -  Find manufacturer

IndiaMART is India's largest online B2B marketplace connecting buyers and sellers. It's a platform for business and product discovery. 


8x120 = 960 RS.

Step 2 -  Platform to sell

Etsy is a global online marketplace for unique and handmade goods. It connects artisans, crafters, and vintage sellers with buyers worldwide. 

Pack of 12 pcs


10 Pack x 1800= 18,000 RS.

Step 3 - Promotion

Facebook and Instagram ads are powerful social media marketing tools, allowing businesses to reach a vast audience through targeted promotions. 

Profit Calculation

Step 1 - You bought 120 pcs from IndiaMart at Rs. 960 =1 Pack cost you RS. 96

Step 2 - Selling on Etsy at Rs. 1800 for 1 pack (12pcs)

Step 3 - You can use paid ads like FB & IG it will cost you Rs. 500/day

Profit Calculation

Profit Results Selling Price = 1800 (12 pcs)(-) You bought at = 96 (-) Ads = 700 (-) Delivery Charges = 200 Profit = RS. 1004 You can make RS. 1,000 for selling 12 Pcs (1 Pack)

Now if you sale 10 Packs a day you can easily make 10k/Day Profit

This is just esitmation profit calculation, You can sale and make more and vice versa. Happy Diwali to you and your family.