How to Start Wellness Forever Franchise | Cost, Fee, and 25% Profit Margin


Starting a wellness forever franchise in India can be a lucrative business opportunity for individuals looking to tap into the growing demand for wellness products and services. With a strong brand reputation and a comprehensive range of healthcare and wellness offerings, Wellness Forever has established itself as a leading player in the industry. In this article, we will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the franchise business model, the step-by-step application process, cost and fee breakdown, profit margin, as well as the pros and cons associated with owning a Wellness Forever franchise. Let’s dive in!

Business Model of Wellness Forever Franchise

Wellness Forever follows a robust franchise model that allows individuals to leverage the brand’s reputation and extensive product portfolio. As a Wellness Forever franchisee, you will become a part of their established network, benefiting from their ongoing support and training programs. The franchise offers a wide range of wellness products, including pharmaceuticals, personal care items, healthcare devices, Ayurvedic products, and more. Moreover, Wellness Forever provides various services such as pathology labs, blood pressure check-ups, and vaccinations, creating a holistic approach to wellness.

How to Apply/Step-by-Step Application Process

If you are interested in starting a Wellness Forever franchise, here is a step-by-step breakdown of the application process:

  • Visit the Wellness Forever official website and navigate to the franchising section.
  • Fill out the franchise application form, providing key details such as your personal information, contact details, and preferred location for the franchise.
  • Submit the application form online or via email, ensuring that it is completed accurately and legibly.
  • Once your application is received, the Wellness Forever team will review it and assess your suitability as a franchise partner.
  • If your application meets their criteria, you will be contacted for further discussions and to schedule a personal meeting.
  • During the personal meeting, you will have the opportunity to gain deeper insights into the franchise’s operations, expectations, and brand values.
  • Following a successful meeting, you will be required to submit the necessary documents, including identity proofs, financial statements, and a signed franchise agreement.
  • Once your documents are verified and approved, you will proceed with the payment of the franchise fee and start the process of setting up your Wellness Forever franchise outlet.

Cost and Fees

To establish a Wellness Forever franchise in India, there are various costs and fees involved. Here is a breakdown of the key financial aspects:

Franchise Fee: The initial franchise fee to own a Wellness Forever franchise is INR 5 lakhs to 10 Lakhs. This fee covers the right to use the brand name, access to their proven business model, and ongoing support and training.

Store Setup and Infrastructure: Setting up a Wellness Forever outlet will require investment in infrastructure, store design, fixtures, shelving, and signage. While the exact cost may vary depending on the location and size of the outlet, a rough estimate for the setup can range from INR 25 lakhs to INR 40 lakhs.

Inventory and Initial Stock: As a franchisee, you will need to stock your outlet with diverse wellness products. The initial stock investment can range from INR 20 lakhs to INR 30 lakhs, depending on the size and location of your store.

Working Capital: It is advisable to have a buffer for working capital to cover ongoing expenses such as rent, utilities, salaries, and marketing. The working capital requirement can vary based on the size of the store and the local market conditions.

Investment Component Estimated Cost (INR)
Franchise fee 5 – 10 lakhs
Infrastructure investment 25 – 40 lakhs
Inventory 20 – 30 lakhs
Marketing and advertising 50k per year
Staff salaries 10 lakhs per year
Insurance, utilities, and other overhead expenses 2 lakh per year
Total cost 70 – 90 lakhs

It’s important to note that the figures mentioned above are approximate and can vary based on individual circumstances and location-specific factors.

Profit Margin

Owning a Wellness Forever franchise can be financially rewarding, with the potential for substantial profit margins. The profit margin for a wellness store is typically around 20% to 25%. However, it’s crucial to consider various factors that may impact the overall profitability, such as operational costs, competition in the area, and marketing strategies. By efficiently managing inventory, providing excellent customer service, and implementing effective marketing tactics, franchisees can maximize their profit margin and achieve long-term success.

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Pros and Cons

Before embarking on your entrepreneurial journey with a Wellness Forever franchise, it’s essential to assess the pros and cons associated with this business opportunity. Let’s explore them:


  • Established Brand: Wellness Forever has a strong brand presence in the wellness industry, offering instant recognition and credibility.
  • Comprehensive Product Range: As a franchisee, you will have access to an extensive range of healthcare and wellness products, catering to diverse customer needs.
  • Ongoing Support: Wellness Forever provides continuous training and operational support, ensuring that franchisees are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed.
  • High Demand and Growth Potential: With a growing emphasis on health and wellness, the demand for holistic wellness stores is on the rise, offering tremendous growth potential for franchisees.


  • Initial Investment: Establishing a Wellness Forever franchise requires a significant upfront investment, which may pose a challenge for some prospective entrepreneurs.
  • Intense Competition: The wellness industry is highly competitive, and franchisees need to develop effective marketing strategies to stand out and attract customers.
  • Operational Challenges: Running a business involves managing various operational aspects, including inventory management, staffing, and regulatory compliance, which may require dedicated efforts and resources.


Starting a Wellness Forever franchise can be an exciting and rewarding venture for individuals passionate about wellness and healthcare. By following the step-by-step application process, understanding the cost and fee breakdown, and evaluating the potential profit margins, aspiring entrepreneurs can make an informed decision. With the right management strategies, commitment, and dedication, owning a Wellness Forever franchise in India can pave the way for long-term success in the flourishing wellness industry.


How long does the application process usually take?

The application process typically takes a few weeks from submission to the final approval stage. However, the duration can vary based on various factors such as the responsiveness of the applicant, location availability, and internal processing times.

Is prior experience in the wellness industry required to start a Wellness Forever franchise?

While prior experience can be beneficial, it is not mandatory. Wellness Forever provides comprehensive training and support to franchisees, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and expertise to run a successful franchise.

Can I choose the location for my Wellness Forever franchise?

Yes, you can express your preferred location during the application process. However, final location selection depends on the availability and suitability of the chosen area. Wellness Forever aims to ensure optimal market coverage and avoid saturation in a specific region.

What ongoing support can I expect as a Wellness Forever franchisee?

As a franchisee, you can expect ongoing support in various aspects, including operational guidance, marketing strategies, inventory management, and employee training. Wellness Forever believes in establishing a strong partnership with its franchisees, offering assistance whenever needed.

Can I own multiple Wellness Forever franchises?

Yes, subject to approval and availability, franchisees can expand their business by owning multiple Wellness Forever outlets. The process and requirements for owning multiple franchises can be discussed during the personal meeting and franchise agreement stage.

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